This is our story

We are Santiago and Juan the cofounders of PeakU Inc, and this is how our story begins.


Santiago González

CEO & Co-founder

Juan Pablo

Juan Pablo Isaza

CTO & Co-founder


   In early 2017, started exploring the market and its opportunities

We are old friends who brainstormed random ideas for a possible ventures and found out that both of us shared poor experiences trying to hire or getting a job.

   Quit our jobs and founded PeakU in late 2017

Figured out the hurdes that companies and candidates faced and launched PeakU in only 3 weeks, that's when things got interesting.


   During 2018, we navigated a rough sea with no beachhead in sight

Navigated a complicated sea of generalist recruitment agencies where we found difficulty differentiating from other alternatives, it was emotionally hard to take in.

   By early 2019 we had landed in a death valley

The situation was dire: we had few clients, an app missing a good design and we were multitasking too much.

Tech recruitment

   Pivoted to tech recruitment

In a last desperate attempt to change things over we pivoted to a tech recruiter, suddenly we had 20 clients.

   Got into Rockstart in late 2019

Things had turned 180 degrees, we got into a top accelerator program and we were selected among the top 10 startups from more than 600 applicants.


   Reached recognized brands and institutions

At the same time we closed deals with recognized brands and institutions such as Toyota and RutaN.

   By early 2020, we met a unicorn in the wilderness

At this point we hired 'Rick', a TOP front-end and design developer, he redesigned the entire UI and improved the SEO and UX a lot, adding Vue.js as the front-end framework.


Jonathan Arias

Senior Frontend Developer


Alejandra Trillos


   A little later we hired a TOP sales person

We also hired Aleja, an INCREDIBLE sales executive, she has helped us reach clients in 8 new countries.

   One year later, we released our Linkedin BOT

Despite the pandemic we released our first bot that automated the most operative work for our recruiters, this tool helped us scale our solution 10 times over.


   Recognized by Forbes for 3 consecutive years: 2020, 2021, 2022

We were part of the top 100 startups in Colombia according to Forbes.

   Added freelance recruiters

We reached out to hundreds of hundreds of freelance recruiters achieving a scalable with zero fixed costs.


   Expanded candidate and company scope

With new hires we started serving candidates in a winder area, and focusing on international companies in the US and Europe: reaching 12 countries.

   Started a bootcamp to teach software engineering

With the help of Thiago (the crack) and based on his experiences, we started a fullstack bootcamp, to help newcomers become great software developers!


Santiago Trujillo

Fullstack Dev


   Released Roleplay to assess sales people

During this long journey we learned how to recruit sales people and released a product to recruit them.

   Released skills assessment platform

At this point our technology is mature enough and we can sell our tests as a standalone product to a wider audience and at an affordable price.

People management

   Released people management solution

We have extended our recruiment platform and turned it into a employee platform, solving many ot the day o day complications that arise in the remote work place.

   Today PeakU is an HR-super app

Despite all the problems that arose we never lost faith in ourselves and enthusiasm for the problen we were solving .

HR super

Who are you and how can we help you?