Valuable technology talent for your team

Our unique process helps you measure the real-life skills of your candidates.

Customize the tests for each vacancy according to your specific needs.

  • Logic
  • Sequences
  • Pattern recognition
Specific Skills
  • Live Code
  • Theory
  • Bug Fixing
Personality and Cultural Fit
  • Adaptation
  • Values
  • Emotional Stability
Hire your team in record time

Our all-in-one platform centralizes the headhunting process and allows you to the hire 8x faster than the industry average.

Orderly and intuitive process

With our dashboard you can see hundreds of suggested candidates, schedule interviews, send and review tests, view resumes, annotate comments, chat with them, select them according to their performance as they progress through your hiring process, among other functionalities.

Easy to read standardized resume

Quickly identify candidate's skills and profiles through our resume, where we organize all candidate info effectively.

What's inside?


Portfolio with +200 online test to evaluate skills and knowledge

Specific Knowledge
Evaluate proficency and competence in specialized areas of knlowledge.
Measures cognitive ability and learning skills.
Cultural fit
Analyze the compability of values and the company's culture.
Examine the psychological traits that influence behavior and social interaction.
Evaluate the level of language proficency in an specific language.
Performance and Work Environmet
Measure work performance and employee satisfaction with their work environment.